I grew up in Latrobe Valley (Gippsland) surrounded by hills and farm land. My little town had more cows than people, and that preference has stuck with me through life. I enjoy a quick weekend to the city here and there, but the country is where my heart lives. I come from a background in disability support, so being an all abilities inclusive photographer is something very close to my heart. For me, photography is all about capturing a story. I feel like stories can be fleeting moments, poetic love notes or life long novels with twists and turns in every chapter, and I love them all equally. Since having my three children and experiencing that deep connection with them, I became focused on family photography. I am on the never ending pursuit to capture organic emotions through images.

Photography is something that I have loved since I started high school. In 2017 I finally started some online courses and later I completed my studies through The Photography Institute and with additional advanced modules in portraiture. By 2020 I was receiving session requests and with that Autumn Lace Photography was born. I chose the name Autumn Lace because when I closed my eyes and reminisced on the images that set my soul on fire, they were the ones where a crisp Autumn breeze tangled loose, wild hair and delicate lace dresses danced in motion. I felt like this represented who I was and what I loved, more than my own name ever could.